ChiBUG, Dusseldorf BUG, tomorrow

The next ChiBUG meeting is tomorrow night, December 10th.  Go, if you are near, but also RSVP on the list.
The BSD user’s group in Dusseldorf is also meeting on the 10th.  Go there instead, if you are on that side of the ocean.

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/08

Accidental theme this week: terminals. Teletext’s creative legacy.  (via) Related: Teletext, the font.  (via) The Plain Text Project.  (Thanks, Benn Collver.) TROS: How IBM mainframes stored microcode in transformers. IBM, sonic delay lines, and the history of the 80×24 display.  An answer to the recently-linked-here “80×25” post, and perhaps the definitive answer on terminal size.  …

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Where to find dports build results

Synth logs for dports are now located here on a new machine:
If there’s only a short list, it’s because the most recent build was probably focused on retrying a broken-but-now-possibly-fixe…

Completing shutdown

If you’ve ever been left watching a “press any key…” line at shutdown of your DragonFly system, there’s now a fix.  It’s committed to release, too, so it’s available now.
While you’re at it, there’s…