tmpfs paging speedups

tmpfs on DragonFly now clusters writes better, so performance is improved in high-activity environments… which is probably why you are using tmpfs anyway.  The post says 2-4x improvement when paging out.

Writeups of problem solutions are the best

If you post about a problem and later solve it, you will help many people in the future if you summarize the problem and (very important) the fix.  In this case, Nelson H. F. Beebe installing DragonFlyBSD 5.6.2 on his Dell Precision 7920 workstation.

BSD Now 338: iocage in Jail

BSD Now 338 is up, which strangely is listed as the “100th episode” on the site, but I think that means it’s only indexed through #239.  Anyway, it has the normal ingredients – a ZFS article, a convention note, and a link into a…

Lazy Reading for 2020/02/16

Partial overflow this week, which means probably even more next week.  We all benefit! OUIGO – Let’s Play.  Pinball in your browser.  Good pinball.  (via) shlide—a slide deck presentation tool written in pure bash.  (via) Under Armour Dumped Its App, and Consumers Feel the Heartbreak.  As the article mentions, companies will dump cheap services – …

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