Lazy Reading for 2021/01/17

I went analog for a number of things this week.  Not unusual! Working Off-Grid Efficiently.  (via) Ditherpunk — The article I wish I had about monochrome image dithering.  (also via) reMarkable 2 – One Week Later.  Thinking about buying one., subverting image recognition. Sampler patches that are patches.  (via) Related: Best Hardware Experimental Synthesizer …

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Chat without servers

I always thought IRC was pretty decentralized, but I didn’t realize talk(1) was designed to work machine-to-machine.  That means in theory that if you have a talk(1) binary on your machine, you could chat directly to anyone else with the same binary, even on a different platform.  Since 4.3BSD!  Anyway, I only realized this because …

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TeX Live 2021 DragonFlyBSD

The short answer is: works great.  The version in dports lags, cause it’s based on what’s in the FreeBSD package collection, and that’s not updated as quickly.
This is technically the prerelease, since the official one is a few months…

Also, dpkg update

This happened a little bit ago but I wanted to be able to post a solution to the pkg upgrade issue (yesterday) before mentioning it: there’s a freshly built batch of packages for DragonFly, so now is a good time to upgrade with pkg.

A fix for sudden Lua errors in pkg

If you upgrade pkg on your system, it may start erroring out.  This is because the default config will confuse the newer version.  To fix this, you can copy over a working config and the problem will go away.  I expect this may only be a problem until …

vkernels broken for now

MAP_VPAGETABLE has been removed in DragonFly because of conflicts with recent pmap work.  This has the unfortunate effect of breaking vkernel(7), but vkernels can be resurrected with changes to use hardware virtualization support.
Note that running Dra…

timeout(1) in DragonFly

Aaron LI has ported timeout(1) to DragonFly.  It’s a way to run a command with a time limit, and I’m happy to say it is a cross-BSD item, coming from NetBSD by way of FreeBSD.