BSD Now 333: Unix Keyboard Joy

The most recent BSD Now episode is unfortunately not all about legacy hardware as I would enjoy, despite the title, but the usual mix of news items – mostly about new platforms to find BSD. line height

I for some reason set line height properties in the style sheet for years ago, and it made scroll bars appear around all <pre> text.  It’s taken me years, but I finally removed it.  Anyone notice other effects than the lack…

Learning 2 things

Sometimes you get 2 nice tips: I like seeing this NetBSD->FreeBSD->DragonFly cross pollination in this commit, and also now I know I can fsck a FAT volume on BSD.
3rd bonus: that last sentence sounds terribly rude.

Lazy Reading for 2020/01/12

Accidental themes this week: keyboards and game remakes. Indieweb; something I plan to explore more. Autocomplete as an interface. Heroes of Might and Magic 3, as open source game engine.  (via) Hello World, a comparative exercise.  (for one meaning of “better”) Why is Wednesday, November 17, 1858 the base time for OpenVMS?  (via) Benchmarking shell …

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cpdup and microseconds

cpdup(1), a DragonFly copying tool that really should be more used, now uses microseconds for comparison.  This is probably related to the sysctl vfs.timestamp_precision also now using microseconds. This probably won’t affect your usage of cpdup unless you are copying some very actively modified files, but I like to mention it in case someone feels …

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