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DRM update to 4.12.14

DragonFly’s direct rendering has been updated to match Linux 4.12.15, which means improved support for a number of Intel processors.

ChiBUG meets tomorrow

This can’t wait for the In Other BSDs weekend: ChiBUG is meeting at Giordano’s, in Oak Park, 6 PM on the 11th.  Go if you are anywhere near Chicago.

Lazy Reading for 2020/08/09

I started this last Sunday. IPv4, IPv6, and a sudden change in attitude. We’re a long way from the halcyon days of ASCII-only text. The 48 Laws of PowerPoint. Putting some extra ‘obvious’ information into our temperature alerts. Conventions for Command Line Options.  Does not mention that short options were classic Unix, while GNU went …

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High memory bugfix for DragonFly

If you have an Intel-based system and it has trouble reading some USB ports, or odd behavior with some virtual machines, this recent bugfix in DragonFly-current may help you.  I know, my description is vague, but I haven’t encountered this direct…

BSD Now 362: 2.11-BSD restoration

This week’s BSD Now leads with an interview of Warner Losh and his work with reviving 2.11BSD.  Everyone’s been linking to his posts about it, so now you can hear his plans.

Lazy Reading for 2020/08/02

Preposted early; I’m traveling during the week so I have to throw all my extra tabs in quick. Computer graphic history at the Pixar Online Library.  Goes back to the 80s.  (via) thecookie.website. Cigarettes, Space Invaders and the birth of the game watch.  (via) Synergy, multicomputer mouse and keyboard.  (via) Open Source Software and Global …

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libressl updated

In Daniel Fojt’s ongoing series of third-party software upgrades, he’s moved libreSSL in DragonFly up a major version, from 2.9.1 to 3.1.3.  This includes TLS 1.3, among other features.

Lazy Reading for 2020/07/26

Accidental topic: old-school games. Assignment 45, A Harry Flynn Adventure (1981).  Interesting cause it’s a magazine article with the program source, something you don’t see much past the mid-80s. Advanced Vim Workflows.  (via) Historical Games.  (via) PunyInform, Inform 6 for 8-bit computers.  (also via) Specification Writer job at Infocom LLC.  “part of a clean room reverse …

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BSD Now 360: Full circle

This week’s BSD Now is making reference to the episode count, I think.  Of note this week: lots of how-to-do-this sorts of links.

ldns updated and a link

Thanks to Daniel Fojt, ldns in DragonFly is updated to 1.7.1.  This time, I do have a changelog link. It’s a minor update, but I have to point it out because my muscle memory still won’t let go of nslookup,

DRM driver update

Francois Tigeot has updated the DRM driver in DragonFly to match what’s in Linux kernel 4.10.17.  What’s that change?  A few minutes of poking about doesn’t find a granular enough changelog.