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The Digest and TeleVideo

Thanks to Erik Blomberg and the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, I now know the Digest has reached a whole new operating system: CP/M.  This entertains me.

(It’s the Digest being browsed in text mode on a TeleVideo TS-803, if you can’t s…

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/13

A mix of complaints, history, and odd technical items.  The usual! Unsung Beauty of Analog Devices Datasheets.  (via) Managing passwords using ed and gpg2.  Because: no tempfile. Adding redirection to the gopher protocol. How Long Will Unbreakable Commercial Encryption Last?  Readers of a certain age will remember how PGP was briefly export controlled; also remember …

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In Other BSDs for 2019/10/12

I’m sure there’s some recent stuff I missed; I will catch it in next week’s roundup. SeMiBUG meets Tuesday the 15th. FreeNAS datasets and snapshots. Defense at Scale.  There’s a BSD system in there.  (via) History of UNIX Design and Interfaces.  BSD history mixed in.  (via) 1 day / 1 game: solene@ playing Unexplored on …

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Bay Area FreeBSD Summit now

Posting this now cause tomorrow’s too late: the 2019 Bay Area FreeBSD Vendor and Developer Summit is happening today and tomorrow.  Go, if you are near.

msdos fixes, of all things

Tomohiro Kusumi has been bringing in a large number of fixes to the msdos filesystem, mostly from FreeBSD, but from other sources.  I’m not going to link to them all, cause there’s many over the last few weeks, but the good news is that the…

BSD.nrw meetup tomorrow

The BSD.nrw Dusseldorf-Wersten BSD user’s group is meeting tomorrow at 19:00 at The Schalander.  It probably helps if you speak German; I had to rely on Google Translate for this one.  Go, if you are near.

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/06

Pre-posted in advance cause once again working through the weekend. BBSes: Partying Online Like It’s 1989.  (via) The 25th Interactive Fiction Competition is Open. After Dark has been ported to Twitter. Text Rendering Hates You.  (via) A computer built from NOR gates: inside the Apollo Guidance Computer.  Wonderful pictures, as always. Feast of Legends.  A …

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Reminder: set hostname

You should set hostname in /etc/rc.conf.  I am mentioning this now because not doing it kept me from running X apps from a DragonFly system on a Windows 10 system with vcxsrv, and I wasted half an hour of my life figuring that out.  Apparently this is …

NYCBUG tonight: Plan 9

Plan 9: Not dead, Just Resting, presented by Ori Bernstein, is happening tonight at the ever-mighty NYCBUG.  Go, if you are near.

Watching dsynth go

dsynth(1) has a new ‘monitor’ command, which watches log output and tells you what it’s doing.  I haven’t tried it yet, so I am only guessing.  A screenshot would be nice.