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Temporary smartctl breadkage in DragonFly master

Because someone decided years and years ago that the CAM structures should be passed through to userland, smartctl, camcontrol, cdrecord, and some other tools will be broken in DragonFly-master for a few days.  If you are on -stable (5.4) this won&#821…

Lazy Reading for 2019/03/03

I’m going to break out the roguelike tag again even if it isn’t a perfect fit. Vintage CGI. The Gemini palmtop.  (via) From Vimperator to Tridactyl.  (via) A Kernel of Failure. Drinking coffee with AWK.  Accounting through text stream editing.  (via) Civilisational HTTP Error Codes.  (via I lost it, sorry) Leon: An open-source personal assistant.  …

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re(4) for you and me

Sepherosa Ziehau’s improvements to re(4), bringing it to Realtek’s 1.95 release, have been committed.
(Does Realtek have a public repo for this?  A few minutes of Googling did not turn one up for me.)

brk() to sbrk()

The system call brk() in DragonFly has been replaced with sbrk().  It won’t affect you from an end-user perspective other than making sure you upgrade everything on the next release – but it is a system call change, so I’m noting it.

Fred models, found again

Tobias Florek had a soft model made of Fred, the DragonFly mascot, years ago.  He is moving and found a few unsold units.  If you are in Europe (for shipping), and are interested in them, contact Tobias at dragonfly@ibotty.net.
If you don’t remem…

For the mount_smbfs users on DragonFly

Two minor things that were keeping me from mounting Windows shares on boot of my DragonFly system: the right location for nsmb.conf and using proper capitalization.  I’m writing it here to save someone else 10 minutes of search.

Firmware in DragonFly userland

Some time back, Ján Su?an fixed up some firmware issues on DragonFly.   He’s published a first stab at attaching firmware information to files; it’s up for review now and he’d like feedback.  Please tell him what you think, if you&#82…

A necessary protocol change

‘mazocomp’ has updated the DragonFly mirrors list to include HTTPS links where appropriate, which would be most everywhere.  An excellent idea.
While I’m talking about mirrors, there’s some new DPorts pkg mirrors too.