justin sherrill

A bounty for rum(4)

It sounds like I’m about to mention something pirate-themed, doesn’t it?  Brendan Kosowski needs the rum(4) driver, for (I think) Ralink RT2501USB and RT2601USB wireless.  He’s willing to offer a bounty of $100 to anyone who can get it working before the next DragonFly release.  Work on it if you can port, or add money […]

x86_64: Rebuild!

If you’re running 64-bit DragonFly, and you’re on version 2.11, you will want to rebuild with the latest sources.  Peter Avalos found a bug with file descriptor passing, and Venkatesh Srinivas fixed it.  It will require a quickworld/kernel build – maybe a full buildworld and kernel?  I’m not sure.   Some pkgsrc packages might need recompilation, […]