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New to me baud rates

After 56k, I stopped paying attention, but apparently there’s stated baud rates of 460,800 and 921,600.  And your DragonFly terminal can handle them, too.

nrelease(7) changes

This may be of most interest to me, since I’m usually the one building DragonFly releases.  nrelease(7), which is used to build each release of DragonFly, now sticks to the default kernel config, and may use binary packages in the future.  There’s some other changes but these are the ones I can describe most exactly; …

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New zlib, new dhcpcd

zlib and dhcpcd are both updated in DragonFly… but my quick perusal of the commits makes it sound like bugfix only; no usage changes needed.

PAM perturbed

Pluggable Authentication Modules on DragonFly have gone through some changes.  pam_ssh has been removed, along with pam_tacplus, and pam_radius, in favor of the more frequently updated versions in dports.  ppp(8) still supports radius, though.

os-release file appears

There’s now (well, for DragonFly 5.7 users) an /etc/os-release file to show the installed DragonFly version.  This is similar to the de facto Linux standard, which of course evolved separately from the not-consistently implemented general standar…

HAMMER2 dispatch optimization

If you have a whole lot of I/O on a HAMMER2 system, this change will help.  This is I assume an outgrowth of dsynth testing, cause that causes many, many threads to be reading and writing.

The Digest and TeleVideo

Thanks to Erik Blomberg and the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, I now know the Digest has reached a whole new operating system: CP/M.  This entertains me.

(It’s the Digest being browsed in text mode on a TeleVideo TS-803, if you can’t s…

Lazy Reading for 2019/10/13

A mix of complaints, history, and odd technical items.  The usual! Unsung Beauty of Analog Devices Datasheets.  (via) Managing passwords using ed and gpg2.  Because: no tempfile. Adding redirection to the gopher protocol. How Long Will Unbreakable Commercial Encryption Last?  Readers of a certain age will remember how PGP was briefly export controlled; also remember …

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In Other BSDs for 2019/10/12

I’m sure there’s some recent stuff I missed; I will catch it in next week’s roundup. SeMiBUG meets Tuesday the 15th. FreeNAS datasets and snapshots. Defense at Scale.  There’s a BSD system in there.  (via) History of UNIX Design and Interfaces.  BSD history mixed in.  (via) 1 day / 1 game: solene@ playing Unexplored on …

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