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Matthew Dillon recently fixed a TRIM bug, where a TRIM command was being issued unconditionally, regardless of the mount flag, and duplicating the action if it was set normally.  It’s fixed now.  This would only have any significant slowdown on UFS, which means it would only affect installworld – the rest of your mounted volumes …

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In Other BSDs for 2018/10/06

Still catching up on links. garbage 43.  The RSS feed may have changed?  I should have seen this directly.  (via) EuroBSDCon 2018 and NetBSD sanitizers.  (via) EuroBSDCon 2018 travel report and obligatory pics.  (via) NetBSD curses ripoffline improvements.  (via) Installing Hugo and publishing Hugo web-pages on OpenBSD server.  (via) NetBSD8.0 on UEFI Bootloader and Windows …

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virtio_random in DragonFly

Something I didn’t know existed but makes sense now that I do: a virtualized randomness device, added to DragonFly.  Entropy is usually provided through hardware, so of course you’d need something for it in a VM.

NYCBUG tonight

6:30 tonight: NYCBUG’s monthly meeting, with the topic of Subdo.  I don’t know what that is, but we all can find out: tonight’s meeting will be streamed.

KnoxBUG, tonight

There’s a KnoxBUG BSD user group meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee, with the topic of “Real-world Performance Advantages of NVDIMM and NVMe: A Case Study with OpenZFS“, presented by Nick Principe.  It’s happening at 6 PM, tonight.  They have the prettiest logo of any BUG that I’ve seen.

In Other BSDs for 2018/09/29

EuroBSDCon 2018 unfortunately had no video, but the presentations are showing up online. FreeBSD bhyve live migration coming soon.  (thanks, subbsd) Removing ROP Gadgets from OpenBSD.  (via) OpenBSD netcat demystified.  (via) OpenBSD and Diving.  The SCUBA kind.  (via) Spoiler alert for BSD packet filter profiling. r/openbsd_gaming’s Game of the Year 2018 Contest: Call for Nominations. …

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BSDNow 265: Software Disenchantment

BSDNow 265 has a con report – the just-finished EuroBSDCon 2018 in Romania, plus the usual roundup of news items.  One news item that will be useful someday: how to perform a BIOS update on a non-Windows computer.


If your kernel panics, the current state of memory can show why.  That memory dump needs to be saved somewhere.  ‘dumpon’ is the command to specify the device that will keep it.  If you want to turn it off, you end up using the odd syntax ‘dumpon off’.  Thanks to Aaron Li, there’s now a …

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Hyper-V and DragonFly

I tried Hyper-V, and of course, I had to install a virtual DragonFly system.  Sascha Wildner very helpfully pointed out that DragonFly on Hyper-V requires a legacy network adapter and a gen-1 image type; both changes you can make during initial setup.  I’m noting it here for the benefit of future people walking down the …

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Chromium on BSD

Chromium, the open sourced base of the Chrome browser, builds on BSDs, including DragonFly.  But not without some work.