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Lazy Reading for 2018/06/24

I’m going wide-topic this week. The Toy That Talked Back.  The Speak and Spell. About Star Wars in ASCII, which I’ve linked directly to before. Edible Games Cookbook: Play With Your Food.  A Kickstarter. Command-line file-based dedup.  (via) Genealogy of Elizas.  Actual site here.  (via) Stamping copyright information onto academic papers.  The pdftk usage is …

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Extra DragonFly links

These would be ‘In Other BSD’ links, but this isn’t Other BSD – It’s DragonFly: Towards a HAMMER1 master/slave encrypted setup with LUKS. Intro, Installation, and Fun with Hammer2.  

Building your own DragonFly

Mixed in with the other documentation on the DragonFly website is a “how to build a release” explanation.  I use it every time there’s a new DragonFly version.  If you were wanting to build a DragonFly ISO/IMG with changes or different preinstalled dports, I’ve added some notes about what’s relevant for non-release building. We used …

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BSDNow 251: Crypto HAMMER

BSDNow 251 has one of the more fun titles ever, and goes into HAMMER encryption, BSDCan details, and a number of other things that make for good BSD news.

DragonFly 5.2.2 tagged

I’ve tagged and built DragonFly 5.2.2.  This is mostly so that our current release image includes the fixes for the LazyFP bug, CVE-2018-3665.  My email to users@ has upgrade details.

Lazy Reading for 2018/06/17

I’m going heavy on history this week. “an imaginary mail order computer games shop in 1985“. NeoVim, a refactoring of Vim. “The Obscuritory, a blog about lesser-known, odder games and software.” (via) Pulling the rug out from under an internet protocol. Building the Commodore that should have existed.  (via) Via the previous link, the C256 …

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In Other BSDs for 2018/06/16

Lots of different items, probably because of BSDCan. EuroBSDCon 2018 is happening September 20-23 at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania – Call for papers ends tomorrow. June HardenedBSD Foundation Update.  (via) FreeBSD 11.2-RC2 Available. Valuable News – 2018/06/09. Pledge and Unveil in OpenBSD [pdf].  Knew about pledge, not about unveil.  (via) OpenBSD at BSDCan 2018.  A summary post. TBW60: …

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NX on by default for reads

DragonFly has had NX (Non-eXecutable) support for some time.  It’s now on by default for read operations in DragonFly master – not the current release.  You can step it up to level 2, for write operations, with a loader tunable, but it may cause issues with dports.

CPU bug hardening added to DragonFly

Matthew Dillon’s added some patches to DragonFly related to securing floating point state, following similar work in OpenBSD.  There isn’t a reported catchy-name issue to match it, like Spectre/Meltdown – yet. (If anyone has a good link to the similar OpenBSD commits, please share; I did not find them on a cursory search.)

mkinitrd out, initrd in

There was an optional ‘make initrd’ step in the DragonFly build process, where you can create a small binary to use for mounting encrypted root drives. Aaron LI has removed mkinitrd in favor of ‘make initrd’, which builds a separate binary to use in exactly those situations.  See the commit message for more detail.  It …

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MosChip PCIe serial com support in DragonFly

If you have a serial card add-in, DragonFly can now output the console to it – a way to run completely headless.  It’s not quite like a normal on-motherboard serial port boot, so look at the commit notes for implementation details.