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Lazy Reading for 2019/03/10

Another good mix of deep dives / unique links this week.  Enjoy! Gameboy Emulator for Emacs.  (via) Systems Software Research is Irrelevant.  2 decades old but relevant.  (via) What you need may be “pipeline +Unix commands” only.  (via) Running a Modern Gopher Server.  (via) Command Line Space Mines Simulator Game ported from BASIC to LDPL.  …

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vm_page_list_find2() fixes

A little thing: Matthew Dillon has made changes to vm_page_list_find2() which should improve performance in low-memory situations, though how much I don’t know.  Mentioning it, cause every little bit helps – for knowledge and speed.

Slides from NYCBUG / qmail

If you missed the qmail presentation from last night’s NYCBUG meeting, the slides are available now, and video will be coming soon.  (I’ll link to it if I know about it.)

New dports build for 5.4 in place

As mentioned last week, there’s a new build of dports for 5.4, now available.  No surprise, but a reminder to keep third-party software up to date is never wasted.

Temporary smartctl breadkage in DragonFly master

Because someone decided years and years ago that the CAM structures should be passed through to userland, smartctl, camcontrol, cdrecord, and some other tools will be broken in DragonFly-master for a few days.  If you are on -stable (5.4) this won&#821…

Lazy Reading for 2019/03/03

I’m going to break out the roguelike tag again even if it isn’t a perfect fit. Vintage CGI. The Gemini palmtop.  (via) From Vimperator to Tridactyl.  (via) A Kernel of Failure. Drinking coffee with AWK.  Accounting through text stream editing.  (via) Civilisational HTTP Error Codes.  (via I lost it, sorry) Leon: An open-source personal assistant.  …

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re(4) for you and me

Sepherosa Ziehau’s improvements to re(4), bringing it to Realtek’s 1.95 release, have been committed.
(Does Realtek have a public repo for this?  A few minutes of Googling did not turn one up for me.)

brk() to sbrk()

The system call brk() in DragonFly has been replaced with sbrk().  It won’t affect you from an end-user perspective other than making sure you upgrade everything on the next release – but it is a system call change, so I’m noting it.

Fred models, found again

Tobias Florek had a soft model made of Fred, the DragonFly mascot, years ago.  He is moving and found a few unsold units.  If you are in Europe (for shipping), and are interested in them, contact Tobias at dragonfly@ibotty.net.
If you don’t remem…