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HAMMER2 dirty vnode management

A ‘dirty’ vnode is a disk data reference that has changed but hasn’t yet been committed to disk.  This pair of commits adds a syncing threshold, useful for anyone with slower disk resources.  Remember, disks lie.

pkg-provides on DragonFly

There’s a plugin for pkg, called pkg-provides, which will tell you what package(s) contain the filename you provide – installed or not.  I didn’t even know pkg had a plugin system.  Anyway, it works on DragonFly, as the author notes.

Lazy Reading for 2018/04/15

No theme grew this week. Conserve the Sound, “vanishing and endangered sounds”.  (via) Why does Twitter allow third-party clients?  Another walled garden approach winding to its end stage. z, a tool for navigating by regex.  Odd, but powerful.  (via) Ikea-style instructions for programming algorithms.  Not sure if this makes them clearer, or not.  (via) Seashells, …

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ipfw3 in rc

For anyone wanting to try out ipfw3, there’s now a rc script.  Make sure to set up a rules file, or you’ll kill all incoming traffic.

DragonFly 5.2 released

DragonFly 5.2.0 has been released.  Spectre/Meltdown mitigations are in there, along with improvements for HAMMER2, accelerated video, and ipfw.  My users@ post has the details on upgrading, as does the release notes.

BSDCan 2018 registration open

As the title says, you can register for BSDCan 2018 now.
(Not leaving this for the weekend BSD summary cause I need to remind myself to plan for travel if possible.)

Lazy Reading for 2018/04/08

Accidental theme this week: Social media is a dead end. ViperCard – An open source re-creation and re-imagination of HyperCard.  I… could have sworn I already linked to this but I can’t find it.  (via) gokrazy – Go userland.  Every language eventually reinvents the wheel this way. (via) The Game of Everything, Part 4: Civilization …

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QUICKHALT in DragonFly

Shutdowns are a bit faster in DragonFly, thanks to the addition of a QUICKHALT shortcut.  How much faster?  It depends on what devices you have mounted, I suspect.  I haven’t yet updated and tried.

New Mastery book

So, you may have noticed that author Michael W. Lucas has been releasing regular books in his “Mastery” series, focusing on various tools.  I like linking to his work because he writes inclusively about BSD, even when it isn’t the topic of the book. He’s on his 13th Mastery book, and it’s April 1st, April …

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Lazy Reading for 2018/04/01

Accidental theme this week: games. AI Anecdotes, with highlights.  (via) The history of documented Unix facilities.  (via) Web OS, open sourced.  Originally what ran on Palm handhelds.  I got to try an unreleased Palm phone just before they folded – it was slick.   (via) The quest to save Stephen Hawking’s voice.  He can literally speak …

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libfuse and DragonFly

According to Tomohiro Kusumi, libfuse compiles on DragonFly.  This is only one-half of the equation, however.  Kernel-side FUSE needs to be ported in order to use FUSE-based filesystems, so there’s a project ripe for the taking…