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Fixed up archives

A minor bit of housekeeping: the archives page has been fixed up to correctly list all categories, and list posts grouped by month.  So if you want to see what I posted under the roguelike category, or see what I posted in February 2011, you can.  Post counts provided, too.

Hello, HelBUG

More user group news: Helsinki, Finland, has a new BSD User Group: HelBUG.  First meeting is February 7th.  There’s no mailing list/site that I know of, yet.

NYCBUG meeting tomorrow

I’m posting this waaaay ahead of time: next NYCBUG meeting is tomorrow.  It’s a porting session, and here’s some of what to expect.

DragonFly donations

DragonFly has a donation page and a Paypal account.  There’s no 501c3 benefit for U.S. residents to donate; DragonFly doesn’t exist as a non-profit.  People have still been donating in smaller sums over time.  It’s not enough to offset the colocation fees ($4k/year) plus the hardware there, but the money does get used for specific …

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Lazy Reading for 2017/12/31

Last anything for the year!  I packed in as much reading material as I could. “Bits, in this case, are actual physical objects.”  About the newest MAME. piu-piu-SH, a horizontally-scrolling shooter for the console.  (via) Reviving the Apple 410 Color Plotter.  (via) Print Color PDF Apple II Print Shop Christmas Cards.  (via)  The microm8 idea …

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In Other BSDs for 2017/12/30

Last of the year! iXSystems’ Best of 2017.  Some useful links, like the Community Hardware Recommendations guide. If you want to create a BSD-based Vagrant BSD system, Rickard von Essen has Packer templates for all the BSDs – including DragonFly.  (via) More TS-440S hijinx, or “ok, what if you wanna homebrew a digital hookup?” “Cyan Beastie …

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More than md5 on DragonFly

the md5(1) utility on DragonFly now does SHA512 checksums, thanks to Rimvydas Jasinskas.  You can see it as a separate ‘sha512’ binary in /sbin, but it’s a hard link back to the original md5, if I’m reading the commit right.

What’s a Tianocore?

There’s been a number of commits lately from Sascha Wildner with mentions of “Tianocore EDK II” a term that’s new to me.  Googling for it tells me it’s a development environment for UEFI programs, useful for anyone booting on modern hardware.

Lazy Reading for 2017/12/24

I’m throwing in some end-of-year lists cause now’s the time for it. The Best Bandcamp Metal albums of 2017.  #1 on the list, Power Trip, is my new favorite band. Polygon’s 50 best videogames of 2017.  Some not-what-you-would-expect games in there.  (via) AF_UNIX comes to Windows.  (via multiple sources) The Comprehensive List of Window Managers for …

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Experimental evdev support in DragonFly

Peeter Must has added evdev support in DragonFly.   It’s a ‘generic input event interface’, meaning at least at first it’s for keyboards and mice.  It requires a kernel rebuild with ‘device evdev’ and ‘options EVDEV_SUPPORT’ included.

igb, em updates

I’m far enough backlogged that Sepherosa Ziehau’s igb(4) update is already in, but as a side effect, a PC Engines apu2b4 is a good DragonFly machine. However, if you have em(4), here’s your chance to help test.

In Other BSDs for 2017/12/16

Last minute, because for some reason I didn’t see much BSD stuff until Friday night. Software compatibility and our own “User-Agent” problem.  (via) Say Farewell to Putty as Microsoft adds an OpenSSH Client to Windows 10.  (via) TrueOS 17.12 Release  (via) Logical volume management. DiscoverBSD for 2017/12/11. OPNsense 17.7.10 released. TrueNAS 2017: The Year in …

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