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Spinlock tricks

This doesn’t really have any effect on you unless you are programming on DragonFly, but it’s interesting to read about a “spinlock trick” Matthew Dillon had implemented recently.

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/29

Accidental open source ideas or maybe history this week.  That might be too easy a category to fit into. Panel Syndicate, online comics.  (via Warren Ellis) Mastermind at 50.  And its impact on early computers.  (via) Opensource.builders.  Alternate apps.  (via) Awesome-Selfhosted: “A list of Free Software web applications which can be hosted locally”.  (via) Text-Based …

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jails and loopback IPs

Jails on DragonFly can now route to loopback addresses (i.e.  Because of this, they can work like shared IPs and the jail can connect to the host. I think this means that you no longer have to bind jail services to specific IPs as you did previously.  Don’t quote me on that; I’ve run …

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Optimizing memory operations

On EFNet #dragonflybsd, Matthew Dillon and ‘mjg’ have been discussing various way to optimize for bulk builds.  A recent update from mjg for different memory functions shaved 1.7% off bulk build time – significant, when you are talkin…

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/22

Random this week, but that’s not so different than usual. Bach’s prelude in C major written in sed.  (via) Kill the Newsletter!, newsletter to RSS converter.  (via) 100+ legal, free literature download sites. Katherine Cox-Buday Uses This.  Someone who thinks hard about their setup. ARM-ed Mac: Not Again Or For Real This Time?  Written by …

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BSD Now 342: Layout the DVA

For once, I couldn’t figure out what the name of this week’s BSD Now episode referenced.   It’s Data Virtual Address, in ZFS, which gets covered in the show.  There’s a specific bit about Go and OpenBSD that I haven’t seen…

Sound and headphone jack tips

If you’ve got a pcm audio device – and you probably do – and a headphone jack – ditto – this thread may help you find the right sysctl to enable it on DragonFly.

i915 driver update in DragonFly

Francois Tigeot has updated the i915 driver to 20160725.  What does that mean for users?  I don’t know; there isn’t a changelog.  But higher version numbers are always more fun!

In Other BSDs for 2020/03/14

Throwing all the links I can out there. March/April BUG meetings canceled for NYCBUG and SEMIBUG. FreeBSD Journal 2020/01-02.  (PDF, via) FreeBSD Find Installed Hard Disk Size Information.  (via) GhostBSD 20.02 Overview.  (video, via) Introduction to Flua on FreeBSD.  (via) FreeBSD Loader and Console Future.  (via) OPNsense 20.1.2 released. FreeNAS and TrueNAS are Unifying.  TrueNAS …

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New binutils in DragonFly

binutils 2.25 is out, binutils 2.34 is in.  The binutils upgrade happened just before the 5.8 branch, so it’s in the 5.8 release – though 2.27 is still the default.

BSD Now 341: U-NAS-ification

BSD Now 341 is about unification, get it?  It’s covering the merging of TrueNAS/FreeNAS, along with the usual roundup of news, including POWER9 and FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Go, and so on.