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dhcpcd and DragonFly, continued

Roy Marples, the ‘upstream‘ for dhcpcd(8), noticed that DragonFly was working with it as a dhclient/rtsold replacement, but the process wasn’t complete.  So … welcome new committer!

tap/tun device changes

DragonFly’s tap(4)/tun(4) devices have been historically precreated – tap0, tap1, tap2, tap3.  They are now auto-cloned, which might surprise any software counting on the prior behavior.  I don’t know of any specific packages that are…

pkg and pkg-static

If you upgrade DragonFly and one of the shared libraries used by pkg gets updated, you can’t run pkg until you get files, but pkg is the program you use to bring in new files.  This chicken-and-egg problem is solved with pkg-static, a version of pkg built without shared libraries. You may have noticed some …

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BSD Now 310: My New Free NAS

I’m posting this late cause I was traveling when it went up: BSD Now 310 is a nice cross-BSD roundup this week.  I might miss the next BSD Now too, so don’t wait for me to link to it.

ChiBUG meeting tomorrow

The monthly ChiBUG meeting is tomorrow, at the usual place.  RSVP to the mailing list if you are going.  And you should go, just to find out what hardware Joshua Stein is working on right now.

DragonFly 5.6.2 released

Because of the recent tcp keepalive change and some other updates, DragonFly 5.6 has been updated to 5.6.2.  See my release email, and update the normal way.  You will need to update your installed dports.

A new upgrade method

Remember my post about a new upgrade script?  tse, the author, has happily added in a bunch of suggestions.  I’m intermittently traveling and can’t do anything to test it for days yet – but I’d love to see others try it out. The bugs issue tracking versions is here: #3197.  Can you, dear reader, try …

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DragonFly kcollect(8) improvements

DragonFly has a utility called kcollect(8), for gathering about the last day’s worth of kernel statistics.  It recently gained some extra flags and details, and should work well if you want to collect stats in a low-impact way.

Zen 2 and DragonFly

It’s supported, and given how well DragonFly supports SMP and the number of processors Zen 2 supports, it’s a no-brainer if you’re in the market for a new server.

Lazy Reading for 2019/08/04

This week’s material filled up fast.  It’s vacation season in the northern hemisphere, so let’s see what next week brings… “Anyway my point here is that all of crypto should be run entirely by tweens.”  Look for the Utility Token section, though it’s all fun. How to calculate leap second variation for the year 3000.  …

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BSD Now 309: Get Your Telnet Fix

This week’s BSD Now talks about some recent security discussions with telnet and (unrelateD) OpenSSH history, and points to a recent discussion on DragonFly I haven’t even gotten to link yet, cause it’s ongoing.
(telnet is awful but i…

HAMMER2 now default

This slipped in just before the 5.6 release, and I thought I had already noted it: DragonFly now defaults to HAMMER2 for disks during install, instead of HAMMER1.