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FreeBSD – Office Hours

I’m posting now because it’s happening Wednesday and waiting for In Other BSDs on Saturday will be too late: the next FreeBSD Office Hours (livestream with Q&A) is happening on the 16th.

Lazy Reading for 2020/04/12

My sadly neglected RSS reader is overflowing. Chesses 2.  I posted about Chesses 1 some time ago; this is more.  (via) Paper Models of Polyhedra.  (via) Open Source Fonts Are Love Letters to the Design Community. The Original Internet Bottleneck. Gopherus – a DOS (and multi-platform, console-mode) gopher client.  Getting pretty obscure here.  (via) Curses …

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In Other BSDs for 2020/04/11

BUG meetings are canceled, but this can’t be surprising at this point. Installing FreeBSD for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3.  (via) Tale of two hypervisor bugs – Escaping from FreeBSD bhyve.  (via) SNMP Mastery is out.  (related:  The Print Book Trade, and Money) NYCBUG meetings are suspended for obvious meetings, but there’s online chat. BSDCan 2020 will …

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New tcsh in DragonFly

Even if you run bash, zsh, or maybe fish, tcsh is the default root shell in DragonFly – and it just had an update.  (all bugfixes according to the release notes)

BSD Now 344: Grains of Salt

Everything else is topsy-turvy, but BSD Now is a constant: it’s out like usual this week.  There’s a feature about text processing, a subject I inexplicably enjoy, and a lot of things that start with Z.

Spinlock tricks

This doesn’t really have any effect on you unless you are programming on DragonFly, but it’s interesting to read about a “spinlock trick” Matthew Dillon had implemented recently.

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/29

Accidental open source ideas or maybe history this week.  That might be too easy a category to fit into. Panel Syndicate, online comics.  (via Warren Ellis) Mastermind at 50.  And its impact on early computers.  (via) Opensource.builders.  Alternate apps.  (via) Awesome-Selfhosted: “A list of Free Software web applications which can be hosted locally”.  (via) Text-Based …

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jails and loopback IPs

Jails on DragonFly can now route to loopback addresses (i.e.  Because of this, they can work like shared IPs and the jail can connect to the host. I think this means that you no longer have to bind jail services to specific IPs as you did previously.  Don’t quote me on that; I’ve run …

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Optimizing memory operations

On EFNet #dragonflybsd, Matthew Dillon and ‘mjg’ have been discussing various way to optimize for bulk builds.  A recent update from mjg for different memory functions shaved 1.7% off bulk build time – significant, when you are talkin…