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A ps tip

If you want to see all running threads on your system, grouped by process, with who ran it and how much memory it’s taking, it’s easy: ps -alxRH.
I mention this because it’s easier to remember ‘alxRH’ than it is to find al…

Lazy Reading for 2019/07/28

I get indirectly cranky, this week. Dungeon Generation in Diablo 1.  Roguelike!  (via) Pressing Forward.  “The grassroots mechanical keyboard scene”.  I did not know about the Hall Effect, or the X1 keyboard, both of which are interesting. sc-im, a terminal spreadsheet.  Like Visicalc all over again! Design tools are holding us back.  I like the …

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Several layers of radeon update

Francois Tigeot has updated the radeon driver in DragonFly to match what’s in Linux kernel 3.19.8.  No, wait, I took too long to post this cause there’s been so many things, so now it’s up to 4.4.180.

Am I in jail?

There’s now a read-only sysctl ‘jail.jailed’ that can be checked to see if the current environment is running within a jail; useful for scripts that should not run in that environment, etc.  I link to it mostly because it’s an odd sort of meta-signifier of reality, like being awake or in a waking dream, and …

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A small rconfig update

Aaron LI’s fixed a bug in rconfig tag names.  This is minor, but I think rconfig(8) is a very powerful and underappreciated utility, so I point it out whenever possible.

First time dbus reminder

I’ve mentioned dbus and DragonFly a few times; here’s one of those “you will eventually do this” tidbits: if for some reason you are installing it for the first time, remember to start it with the rc script.

Lazy Reading for 2019/07/21

Accidental theme: heavy metal. A literary appreciation of the Olson/Zoneinfo/tz database.  Found while researching tz formats. Buster Keaton: slapstick anarchism.  A continuation of an article I linked before. An Illustrated history of Easter Eggs.  Delightful!  (video, via) crontab converter for different time zones in unix? lowRISC has open source-related job openings. History and effective use …

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em, igb updates in DragonFly

If you are running an em(4) or igb(4) device in DragonFly, Sepherosa Ziehau has updated the drivers.  This brings it to Intel driver versions em-7.7.4 and igb-2.5.6.

Lazy Reading for 2019/07/14

Who can recommend a dynamic DNS service?  (I’d like to know from direct experience, not Googling.)  I’ve been using Dyn for years, but they’ve been unintelligibly merged into the Oracle behemoth, and I need to change. Paper Books Can’t Be Shut Off from Afar.  (via) Trajectories for the future of software.  (also via) Chain Letter …

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Scriptable audio on BSD

This could be an In Other BSDs item, but it’s worth highlighting: saugns is a “Scriptable AUdio GeNeration System”; a utility for generating sounds – specifically FM modulation, in a way that will make you think “synthesizers!”  There’s a whole language behind it, and the program, as the author, Joel K Pettersson, points out, compiles …

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An easier upgrade on DragonFly

You’re probably used to the ‘make buildworld; make buildkernel; make installkernel; etc etc’ dance on each upgrade at this point.  ‘Tse’ has created a script that rolls that all up into a single action.