Dan Langille

Nagios check_ntp_time failed with ntpd on FreeBSD 10.2

As I was setting up the new varm server, one of the Nagios checks I included was check_ntp_time. It comes standard with nagios-plugins. The check was reporting NTP CRITICAL: Offset unknown. Running the check from the command line showed: [dan@webserver:/usr/local/libexec/nagios] $ ./check_ntp_time -4 -H varm NTP CRITICAL: Offset unknown| Running the check with a timeout […]

Excluding the base-OS when backing up FreeBSD jails with Bacula

I felt I was backing up way too much on my jail server. I was backing up files which would be installed as part of the OS. Let’s look at the esimate: *estimate level=full job=”slocum jail snapshots” Using Catalog “MyCatalog” Connecting to Client slocum-fd at slocum.int.unixathome.org:9102 2000 OK estimate files=2,824,716 bytes=239,568,332,325 * I decided to […]