FreeBSD – How to manage ports in FreeBSD using portmanager

There are various way of managing ports, using utilities. The usual “cd /usr/ports/<ports directory>; make; make install; make clean“, portmaster, portupgrade and others. Today, this post will brief on how to use portmanager to install, upgrade and delete ports.

Using portmanager to manage ports have a few advantage :

portmanager scans for what dependencies are needed and […]

FreeBSD – Download ports simultaneously with multiple connections

By default, ports uses 1 connection to download and thus unbearably slow when a server rate limit the connection. Alternatively, we can tell ports to use external utility in order to open multiple connections and download simultaneously.

Firstly, install the utility “axel” by :
cd /usr/ports/ftp/axel ;make install clean

Next, tell ports to use the external utility to […]

FreeBSD – Error installing KDE4 or Xine

Halfway through installing KDE4 or any ports that is related to Xine, ended fail with the below error message :

===> Found saved configuration for libxine-
=> xine-lib- doesn’t seem to exist in /usr/ports/distfiles/.
=> Attempting to fetch from http://superb-east.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/xine/.
xine-lib- […]