alp’s notes

FreeBSD and wine… Progress or regression?

I’ve just got almost working wine on FreeBSD. To achieve this I’ve installed wine-1.1.30-1 from FreeBSD 8.0 package collection. Before this I unsuccessfully tried to make wine 1.2.1 work. It was impossible – it seems, later wine versions have some problems with DRI interoperability. So, after having enabled DRI on running (almost?) all DirectX games in wine on 8.1, you

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ethernal war: snd_hda and headphones

Today I won in one minor battle between snd_hda and headphone output. I couldn’t force my headphones work without some magic. The first thing I found is that headphone nid should be on the same association with speaker. In my verbose dmesg I had:

hdac0: Processing audio FG cad=2 nid=1…
hdac0: GPIO: 0xc0000003 NumGPIO=3 NumGPO=0 NumGPI=0 GPIWake=1 GPIUnsol=1
hdac0: nid

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