Learning 2 things

Sometimes you get 2 nice tips: I like seeing this NetBSD->FreeBSD->DragonFly cross pollination in this commit, and also now I know I can fsck a FAT volume on BSD.
3rd bonus: that last sentence sounds terribly rude.

In Other BSDs for 2019/12/14

Lots of variety this week. NetBSD Advent Calendar 2019.  (via) ARM64 and BSD discussion. Notqmail, the presentation topic for the January NYCBUG meeting and maybe for SEMIBUG at some point too. HAMBSD, presented at NorthernRST.  (via) BSD-Licensed Combinatorics library/utility.  This is neat. “The Microsoft LSG (former Open Source Technology Center) FreeBSD Team is pleased to …

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For future reference, this is the knew server … oh wait, I think it’s this server which is was mounted in the 4U chassis mentioned in this post. It runs a few jails, including Bacula regression testing services. It is now mounted in a SuperChassis 846E16-R1200B This recent post outlines the modifications so it boots […]

zpool degraded – one drive missing from system

I rebooted knew yesterday for upgrades. When it came back, the main storage zpool was degraded: Is the drive alive? The drive is not listed at all in /var/run/dmesg.boot. I keep a list of the expected drives in /etc/periodic.conf, for use by a Nagios check: [dan@knew:~] $ /usr/sbin/sysrc -nf /etc/periodic.conf daily_status_smart_devices /dev/da22 /dev/da21 /dev/da20 /dev/da19 […]