In Other BSDs for 2016/11/12

Started out with a short list, but I managed to find some extra links by Friday. b2k16 hackathon report: Antoine Jacoutot. NetBSD 7.0/xen scheduling mystery, and how to fix it with processor sets. Looking at the scheduler issue again.  Part 2 from previous link. TrueOS Launch message.  Might be time to retire the PC-BSD tag. […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/09/03

A week of travel didn’t get in the way of links!  RSS feeds are still fantastic tools for those who know how to use them. See Michael W. Lucas talk about BSD, several places. OpenZFS Cheat Sheet. Ubuntu’s fall from grace.  About Ubuntu/FreeBSD.  Articles that use the phrase “rock-solid” for an operating system are usually junk. […]

BSD News 25/07/2016

Last week in BSD

Releases: pfSense, FreeBSD, PacBSD, DragonFlyBSD
Other news: NetBSD, BSDnow, PC-BSD, Lumina Desktop, DragonFlyBSD, n2k16, BSDSec,



pfSense 2.3.2-RELEASE Now Available!

We are happy to announce the release of pfSense® software version 2.3.2!
This is a maintenance release in the 2.3.x series, bringing a number of bug

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In Other BSDs for 2016/07/09

I was on the road all this week, so this doesn’t range as far as usual.  I’ll be charging through my RSS feed backlog over the next few days. garbage[33]: Z-Wave of ze future.  Missed linking to it on Friday because of driving.  Lots of Vim conversation! The state of libreSSL in FreeBSD.  (via) New […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/06/11

I’m hitting every type of BSD this week. Show HN: TensorFlow on FreeBSD.  (via) Configuring PF and Fail2ban on FreeBSD.  (via) 20 years of NetBSD code bloat.  (via) OPNsense 16.1.16 released. ktrace adventures: browser ktrace browsing and accidentally nonblocking. Microsoft has created its own FreeBSD.  Also here, via.  That first link is a bit clickbaity, and I’ve seen […]

PC-BSD @ South East Linux Fest

The South East Linux Fest is starting tomorrow, and there will be a BSD presence (booth and talks)  there – PC-BSD.  Stop by if you are the Charlotte, NC area. (I’d normally save this for In Other BSDs but the event would be half-done by then.)

In Other BSDs for 2016/05/21

Summer convention season is coming; start scheduling! Implementing pledge on linux using seccomp.  (via) pkgsrcCon 2016 is in about a month and a half (July 2-3).  They’re accepting talk proposals now, for lightning talks or extended presentations.  (via kamil on EFNet #dragonflybsd) A review of FreeBSD 10.3’s new features.  (via) BSD OS’ include GNU tools re-written […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/05/07

Another trifecta week. GNOME 3.20.1 on OpenBSD, the usual screencast; not too bad for a server OS.  (via) A comprehensive guide for OpenBSD desktop? Tredly – Containers for Unix. Powered by FreeBSD.  (via) Bootstrap pkgsrc under ‘bash on Windows’.  This should be on pkgsrc.org. OpenHUB’s NetBSD Project Statistics. Dru Lavigne Will be Speaking @ KnoxBUG. […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/04/16

This is one of those weeks where a bunch of release all tumble together by chance. UbuntuBSD Is Looking To Become An Official Ubuntu Flavor.  (still confusing) PC-BSD 10.3 out; PC-BSD 11 out next.  10.3 was out last week; I missed this link before. pfSense 2.3-RELEASE Now Available!  (also seen here and here) PostgreSQL – Add […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/03/26

By the time you read this, I will have already been at my second job for 5 hours. Integrating FreeBSD w/ FreeIPA/SSSD. UbuntuBSD, mentioned here, here, here, here.  Best reaction here. RocketGraph FreeBSD commits on Github for 2015. Why OpenBSD?  (via) KnoxBUG: A new BSD User Group in Knoxville area.  (via) Install OPNSense on the […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/03/19

This time, this was all last-minute. FreeBSD Full Disk Encryption, with an External Boot Drive, GELI, and UFS.  (via) ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) on FreeBSD – Part 3.  (via) There’s a new 10G pfSense appliance. The pkgsrc-2016Q1 freeze has started. Linux: turning into Windows.  (via) A Bigger FreeNAS Mini? The Myth of Effective […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/03/12

Has anyone been watching the AsiaBSDCon video?  I have not been awake/unbusy at the right times. Installing Qemu on FreeBSD 10.  (via) To SLOG or not to SLOG: How to best configure your ZFS Intent Log. *BSD Developers Have a New Hosting Option with RootBSD.  (via) Proactive Security & (re)discovering OpenBSD.  (via) Bitcoin Devs Could Learn […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/02/13

Several book links this week. Openbsd router, can it run on arm?  (via) Lumina Desktop Getting Ready for FreeBSD 11.0. “FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems” now available!  Next two book titles are in there, too. “FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS” Table of Contents. Winter arrivals.  (related to previous post) Upcoming OpenBSD Security Router/Firewall/Load Balancer Release: Feature Requests […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/30

Another week with plenty of links. FreeBSD x64 OpenVPN AD authentication with crypt.  (via) A FreeBSD 10 Desktop How-to.  (via) FreeBSD Virtual Machine: Installing VMware tools.  A basic explanation for a frequent activity.  (via) “why attention to detail matters when you’re a kernel developer.” Call for testing: Concurrent malloc(3) calls (to speed up firefox) Writing Assembly […]