Lazy Reading for 2016/02/21

I earn the roguelike tag this week. “I built Space invaders into Dwarf Fortress.”  Featuring the Almighty Dwarven Calculator.  (via) Free Lovecraft stories.  (via) Imagining your future projects is holding you back.  Talking about fiction, but this applies to open source work too.  (via) Happy 25th, Webcam! @Play 83: HyperRogue Mac System 1.0 (via) ASCII cows. […]

Lazy Reading for 2016/02/14

Rapid topic shifts this week. Planning for Disaster.  Speed over correctness is all the rage, but also programming inconsequential websites is also all the rage. The Lonely Dungeon.  Markov-style classic RPG generation, it sounds like. The book is out! “@Play: Exploring Roguelike Games” The Museum of Endangered Sounds.  (via) Today in Dialup Visualization News. Sound […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/02/13

Several book links this week. Openbsd router, can it run on arm?  (via) Lumina Desktop Getting Ready for FreeBSD 11.0. “FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems” now available!  Next two book titles are in there, too. “FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS” Table of Contents. Winter arrivals.  (related to previous post) Upcoming OpenBSD Security Router/Firewall/Load Balancer Release: Feature Requests […]