DragonFlyBSD Digest

Whole lotta reading

Rimvydas Jasinskas has consolidated/restored/updated a large number of papers into share/doc on DragonFly.  I’m not going to link to his large number of commits, but instead point you at the directory where they all went.  There’s a number of design documents in there that date back to 4.4BSD and beyond (and some much newer), which may […]

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/30

Another week with plenty of links. FreeBSD x64 OpenVPN AD authentication with crypt.  (via) A FreeBSD 10 Desktop How-to.  (via) FreeBSD Virtual Machine: Installing VMware tools.  A basic explanation for a frequent activity.  (via) “why attention to detail matters when you’re a kernel developer.” Call for testing: Concurrent malloc(3) calls (to speed up firefox) Writing Assembly […]