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Lazy Reading for 2016/01/03

The first link will bring you a lot more reading. How Mobile Carriers Skirt Net-Neutrality Rules.  From a collection of interesting writing by Ingrid Burrington.  (via) ASCII table – Pronunciation Guide.  (via) UNIX manual, edition 0.  (via) Vim Regex.  (via) weather.agi.  (I had a coworker who did TV weather reports in southern California for years; […]

Qemu fixes, and a bonus

A number of people have reported problems with qemu and DragonFly, both running locally and on a host.  It turns out to be a problem with the getcontext(), setcontext(), and swapcontext() functions, but Matthew Dillon fixed it in a way that doesn’t affect performance very much. That apparently wasn’t good enough, so he added _quick versions […]