Day: May 6, 2011

ssh ‘connection reset by peer’ issue

I have been plagued by ssh problem since openssh 5.8p1 on OpenSuSE 11.4. Without any warning, even debug level is set to 3, ssh connection to older router/server is dropped silently. I have issue ssh’ing to AMD64 FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE which comes with OpenSSH 5.4p1. chflags@zeus:~> ssh -v -l kevin OpenSSH_5.8p1, OpenSSL 1.0.0c 2 Dec […]

Hammer and the future

Matthew Dillon’s been thinking about Hammer, and how to implement clustering well enough to work as a sort of RAID replacement.  He’s written up a document describing his plans.  Some highlights: writable history snapshots quotas and accounting live rebuilds of data from mirrors and the same history, mirroring, and snapshots as before. It’s going to […]

BSD Magazine for May

The May issue of BSD Magazine is out.  The cover says “Embedded FreeBSD” as a continuation of last month’s theme, but there’s really a wide mix in there.  Of course, there’s a DragonFly news section from me, talking about 2.10.  I’ll point at the zsh article that opens the magazine, since every zsh user I’ve […]