Month: May 2013

PC-BSD at SouthEast LinuxFest

SouthEast LinuxFest will be held at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina from Friday June 7 to Sunday June 9. Registration is required, but free, for this event. There will be a BSD booth in the Expo area, all three days. Several members of the PC-BSD team will be giving out PC-BSD DVDs, FreeNAS […]

DragonFly 3.4.2 released

I’ve tagged DragonFly 3.4.2.  The major reasons for this point release were fixes for DragonFly under Xen with more than 2 CPUs specified, and for booting x86_64 DragonFly in KVM.  The 3.4.2 tagged commit has every detail. If you’ve already got a working 3.4.1 installation, you don’t need to rush to upgrade; this is mostly for the […]

DragonFly and Summer of Code 2013 projects announced

  Here’s the accepted projects for DragonFly and Google Summer of Code 2013: Block compression feature in HAMMER2, Daniel Flores Tafur, mentored by Matthew Dillon Capsicum kernel implementation, Joris GIOVANNANGELI, mentored by Alex Hornung Implement hardware nested page table support for vkernels, Mihai Carabas, mentored by Venkatesh Srinivas Make vkernels checkpointable, Pawel Dziepak, mentored by Samuel Greear Userland System V […]

Book review: Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition

Michael W. Lucas wrote a new edition to his Absolute OpenBSD book, and that second edition was published relatively recently.  It’s a hefty book, nearly 500 pages in length, and I’ve needed to write a review for some time now.  Not-necessarily-relevant-disclaimer: I contributed the IPv6 haiku/joke at the start of Chapter 12.   If you’re interested in OpenBSD, it’s […]

Lazy Reading for 2013/05/26

A really packed week, this week. Interview with Donald Knuth (via ferz on EFNet #dragonflybsd) Garry’s Mod on DragonFly.  We need that linuxulator working on x86_64.  (thanks, tuxillo) Exxon used to be in the processor business?  (via) PDP-11 in your pocket.  (via) I’ve mentioned before how news aggregators go in cycles: Slashdot, then Digg, then […]