Month: March 2014

PC-BSD Weekly Feature Digest 23

Hey PC-BSDers! This week we’re coming at you with some pretty sweet updates to PC-BSD. The mount tray has seen some significant improvement and is now able to mount most audio / dvd formats without a problem. Also windows partition types are now showing up correctly on my test system after building the new mount […]

OpenBSD 5.5 preorders have been enabled

OpenBSD 5.5 preorders have been enabled on the ordering page.

With this commit, Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) enabled pre-orders for the upcoming release:

Module name:	www
Changes by:	2014/03/26 20:09:10

Modified files:
	.              : errata55.html index.html older.html orders.html 

Log message:
activate 5.5 pre-orders; wonder which of the regulars win this time

Pre-orders tend to arrive early (before

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BSD News 24/03/14

Last week in BSD
Releases: FreeNAS
Other News : DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, Bhyve, Jenkins, AsiaBSDCon, jails, BSDNow, PC-BSD


FreeNAS now available  
Announcing FreeNAS   

A list of all bugs fixed in can be found here.
High level features for

  • * Samba (SMB/CIFS support) upgraded to version 4.1.6
  • * Netatalk (AFP support) upgraded to version 3.1.1
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NSS/LDAP and DragonFly

One of the requirements to get NSS/LDAP working on (most) any unixlike system is to have dynamic binaries; meaning they are dependent on various libraries to run.  Since you’re talking about programs for login when you’re talking about NSS/LDAP, that means if the libraries aren’t available, you can’t log in.  DragonFly has static binaries just […]