Day: April 29, 2014

BSD News 28/04/14

Last week in BSD
Releases: FreeNAS, FuguIta
Other news:OpenBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, BSDnow, PC-BSD, Lumina Desktop


FreeNAS has replaced 

Due to #4836, we have decided to release as a replacement for It is in all other respects identical to, simply with that ZFS snapshot UI bug fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience to

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OpenBSD Foundation’s Google Summer of Code Projects Announced

The Directors of the
OpenBSD Foundation
have announced the OpenBSD projects for this year’s Google Summer of Code:

The OpenBSD Foundation is very pleased to announce that Google has
granted us five student slots for GSOC 2014.

The five projects that we will undertaking as a result are:

  1. Proper YACC parsers for dhcpd and dhclient.
  2. Systemd-like support for ports.
  3. Capsicum.
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