Day: June 8, 2014

PC-BSD at Texas LinuxFest

There will be a BSD booth at Texas LinuxFest to be held June 13 and 14 at the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin, Texas. Several members of the PC-BSD team will be at the booth and will be giving out cool swag, PC-BSD DVDs, FreeNAS CDs, and accepting donations for the FreeBSD Foundation. Registration […]

10.0.2-PRERELEASE ISO Available for Testing

The next 10.0.2-PRERELEASE ISO is now available for testing and can be downloaded from If you have a spare system or virtual machine, consider testing this image. If you find any bugs, report them at so we can take a look at fixing them before 10.0.2 is released later this month. NOTE: if […]

Lazy Reading for 2014/06/08

Less links than last week, but still lots.  Alliteration! “Google’s autonomous cars, meanwhile, have never even seen snow.”  Or ice, or deer?  Uh oh. Bits Sysadmins Should Know.  (via) Why Atom Can’t Replace Vim.  The title is misleading; it’s Emacs vs. Vim.  (via) How vi came about – Bill Joy in 1984.  Compare to the previous link. […]