Day: September 2, 2014

BSD News 01/09/2014

Last week in BSD
Releases: pfSense, HardenedBSD
Other news: DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, libvrt, Lumina Desktop, nginx, OpenBSD, PC-BSD, VMWare, ZFS, NetBSD, BSDSec, BSDTalk, MidnightBSD, BSDnow


pfSense2.1.5 RELEASE Now Available 

The 2.1.5 release follows shortly after 2.1.4 and is primarily a security release.

  • pfSense-SA-14_15.webgui
  • pfSense-SA-14_16.webgui
  • pfSense-SA-14_17.webgui
  • New Build of HardenedBSD 


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