Day: September 30, 2014

fix for nginx SSL session reuse

This issue also affects 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6. Patches available in the
respective directories.

5.5 patch follows.

untrusted comment: signature from openbsd 5.5 base secret key

OpenBSD 5.5 errata 11, Oct 1, 2014: Fix for the SSL session reuse
vulnerability (CVE-2014-3616).

Apply patch using:

signify -Vep /etc/signify/ -x 011_nginx.patch.sig -m – |
(cd /usr/src && patch -p0)


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BSD News 29/09/2014

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FreeBSD 10.1-BETA3 Now Available

The third BETA build of the 10.1-RELEASE release cycle is now available on the FTP servers for the amd64, armv6, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64 and sparc64 architectures.

This is expected to be the final BETA release

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Markus Pfeiffer has imported FreeBSD’s if_lagg to DragonFly.  It’s for talking LACP over multiple network ports, so that the traffic from those multiple ports can be aggregated – if what’s on the other end generally understands LACP.  (Failover mode may not count.)  Please test if you have that sort of surfeit of network ports.