Year: 2015

Hard Float API coming soon by default to armv6

All the CPUs that FreeBSD supports have hard floating point in them. We’ve supported hard float for quite some time in the FreeBSD kernel. However, by default, we still use a soft-float ABI. All the binaries use hardware floating point to do the math, …

Qemu fixes, and a bonus

A number of people have reported problems with qemu and DragonFly, both running locally and on a host.  It turns out to be a problem with the getcontext(), setcontext(), and swapcontext() functions, but Matthew Dillon fixed it in a way that doesn’t affect performance very much. That apparently wasn’t good enough, so he added _quick versions […]

NanoBSD reved up for embedded

NanoBSD EnhancementsI’ve been experimenting with NanoBSD enhancements for embedded. Eventually, they will be in the mainline of NanoBSD, but for now I’ve segregated them in a separate embedded subdir. The goal is to drive creation of build-agnostic too…