Day: January 3, 2016

Lazy Reading for 2016/01/03

The first link will bring you a lot more reading. How Mobile Carriers Skirt Net-Neutrality Rules.  From a collection of interesting writing by Ingrid Burrington.  (via) ASCII table – Pronunciation Guide.  (via) UNIX manual, edition 0.  (via) Vim Regex.  (via) weather.agi.  (I had a coworker who did TV weather reports in southern California for years; […]

[FreeBSD-Announce] Initial FreeBSD Core Team comments on concerns about harassment in the FreeBSD community

Dear FreeBSD Community:

There has been significant communication over the last two days relating to Randi Harper’s recent blog post, which demands an urgent response. First, and to be clear: there will be no tolerance for harassment or abusive behavior within the FreeBSD Project or its broader community. We encourage any community members aware of problems in this regard to

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