Month: February 2016

FreeBSD and ZFS

ZFS has been making headlines lately, so it seems like the right time to talk about the longstanding relationship between FreeBSD and ZFS.

For nearly seven years, FreeBSD has included a production quality ZFS implementation, making it one of the key features of the FreeBSD operating system. ZFS is a combined file system and volume manager. Decoupling physical media from

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Lazy Reading for 2016/02/21

I earn the roguelike tag this week. “I built Space invaders into Dwarf Fortress.”  Featuring the Almighty Dwarven Calculator.  (via) Free Lovecraft stories.  (via) Imagining your future projects is holding you back.  Talking about fiction, but this applies to open source work too.  (via) Happy 25th, Webcam! @Play 83: HyperRogue Mac System 1.0 (via) ASCII cows. […]