Day: May 7, 2016

A late Garbage[25]

Episode 25 of Garbage went up yesterday and I forgot to check for it, so I’m linking to it now.  Among other things, they mention Garbage merchandise.  I’d pay for a shirt that pointed out most technology is garbage, to take it from the page.

In Other BSDs for 2016/05/07

Another trifecta week. GNOME 3.20.1 on OpenBSD, the usual screencast; not too bad for a server OS.  (via) A comprehensive guide for OpenBSD desktop? Tredly – Containers for Unix. Powered by FreeBSD.  (via) Bootstrap pkgsrc under ‘bash on Windows’.  This should be on OpenHUB’s NetBSD Project Statistics. Dru Lavigne Will be Speaking @ KnoxBUG. […]

autofs for DragonFly, a preview

Tomohiro Kusumi has been working on a port of autofs to DragonFly.  If you aren’t familiar with it, autofs is an automatic file system mounter, so when you access a network file system at its local mount point, autofs kicks in and makes sure the remote file system is automatically mounted.  He has an initial […]