Day: July 19, 2016

UEFI install story

I like finding “This is how I did it” stories from people, as they are often really useful for anyone else trying to do the same “it”.  Here’s Dave MacFarlane’s UEFI install story.  (Note he’s still needing touchpad support.)

BSD News 18/07/2016

Last week in BSD

Releases: HardenedBSD, SoloBSD, OPNsense, 
Other news: BSDsec, DragonFly BSD, pfSense, BSDnow



OPNsense 16.7-RC2 released

16.7-RC2 is here and brings major additions to amd64 architectures: Intel’s Hyperscan library to speed up Suricata rule matching and UEFI boot support! It also brings language packs to their correct 16.7

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