Day: September 6, 2016

NYCBUG Wed Sept 7: Teaching OSs with FreeBSD and DTrace

NYCBUG is meeting tomorrow night, with George Neville-Neil presenting DTrace work used as college-level teaching material, and talking about more places it could be used.  Go if you are near New York City, interested in teaching, or you know – BSD.  It’s in a different location than the normal monthly meetings.

BSD News 05/09/2016

Last week in BSD

Releases: DesktopBSD, HardenedBSD, OPNsense, GhostBSD, OpenBSD
Other news: OpenBSD, BSDnow, ZFS, Let’s Encrypt, g2k16, DragonFlyBSD,



DesktopBSD-2.0 Gnome test version

We are pleased to announce that DesktopBSD-2.0 Gnome test version is available,  more flavours will come soon.

Based on FreeBSD-10.3 amd64, mainly because UEFI is supported by FreeBSD only

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