Day: April 27, 2017

[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-17:04.ipfilter

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FreeBSD-SA-17:04.ipfilter Security Advisory
The FreeBSD Project

Topic: ipfilter(4) fragment handling panic

Category: contrib
Module: ipfilter
Announced: 2017-04-27
Credits: Cy Schubert
Affects: All supported versions of FreeBSD.
Corrected: 2017-04-21 01:51:49 UTC (stable/11, 11.0-STABLE)
2017-04-27 06:52:30 UTC (releng/11.0, 11.0-RELEASE-p10)
2017-04-21 01:51:49 UTC (stable/10, 10.3-STABLE)
2017-04-27 06:52:30 UTC (releng/10.3, 10.3-RELEASE-p19)
CVE Name: CVE-2017-1081

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