Year: 2019

CCC video available

CCC 36 is over, but the videos are on Relive and will eventually be collected.  CCC is one of the few remaining big not-a-corporate-event events; always worth viewing.  (posting now so it doesn’t get lost in the new year.)

Lazy Reading for 2019/12/29

There’s several accidental themes fighting it out this week. Please for the love of Blarg, Start a Blog.  Seriously. Blogging Less in the 2020s.  Social media demands your complete attention to “succeed”. Why NUKEMAP isn’t on Google Maps anymore.  The problem of depending on external services that can be turned off or changed. This Page …

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leave to 99

I didn’t even know the leave(1) program existed, but now it takes slightly more flexible input.

True du on DragonFly

You probably type “du -sh *” reflexively when looking at disk usage, or at least I do.  On DragonFly, there’s also a -t option, which gives the simple file size on disk.  That’s the amount of data that would need to move when copied; that may differ from other amounts because of compression at the …

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Power vs serial

This is minor, but I’ll mention it because it might bite you someday: if you are using powerd to minimize CPU power usage, and also trying to push a high data rate through your serial port, you might drop characters.  It’s mentioned in the …

Time your boot

This recent change in kernel memory use may make booting faster.  If you’re running -current, time your boot before and after this change, and see what the difference is.  I’m always curious.

ACPI fix in DragonFly

A recent implementation of SMAP would cause a panic on some machines; that’s now fixed (including on release).  So if you had a panic from ACPI between May and now – please retry.