Month: September 2019

HAMMER2 and fsck for review

HAMMER2 is Copy on Write, meaning changes are made to copies of existing data.  This means operations are generally atomic and can survive a power outage, etc.  (You should read up on it!)  However, there’s now a fsck command, useful if you want …

dsynth: you’re building it

The buildworld cycle now includes dsynth(8).  Your buildworld will take a bit longer, but now you can immediately bulk build packages if using binaries isn’t right for you.

utmp out, utmpx in

The headline is a little misleading; umtpx has been in DragonFly forever, but now utmp is really retired and programs adjusted to match.  The change is not that user-affecting and utmp data is still accessible; this is part of the ABI change alluded to over the past week. If you are not familiar with utmp(5) …

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