Day: March 14, 2020

In Other BSDs for 2020/03/14

Throwing all the links I can out there. March/April BUG meetings canceled for NYCBUG and SEMIBUG. FreeBSD Journal 2020/01-02.  (PDF, via) FreeBSD Find Installed Hard Disk Size Information.  (via) GhostBSD 20.02 Overview.  (video, via) Introduction to Flua on FreeBSD.  (via) FreeBSD Loader and Console Future.  (via) OPNsense 20.1.2 released. FreeNAS and TrueNAS are Unifying.  TrueNAS …

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New binutils in DragonFly

binutils 2.25 is out, binutils 2.34 is in.  The binutils upgrade happened just before the 5.8 branch, so it’s in the 5.8 release – though 2.27 is still the default.