Month: May 2020

Lazy Reading for 2020/05/31

This week’s Lazy Reading supported, kindly, by Tse Gratis volunteering a bunch of links. OpenVMS: Rollout of V9.0 and Beyond.  Still going?  (via) Compiling for the Z-machine version 3. <blink> What sort of SSH keys our users use or have listed in their authorized keys files.  An anthropological survey, in a way. Big Box Collection.  …

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BSD Now 352: Introducing Randomness

This week’s BSD Now links to a bunch of what I call ‘resource’ articles, things that tell you how to do things and use stuff.  It’s good reading if you have the time.

xargs update in DragonFly

Updates to third-party utilities happen often in DragonFly, and I don’t often link because they may not affect users much – but I’m noting a change to xargs(1) cause given what xargs does, any mistake you make will be repeated many ti…

wpa_supplicant updated

Thanks to Daniel Fojt, wpa_supplicant(8) in DragonFly jumped from version 2.1 to 2.9.  There’s a nice changelog for the curious.

Lazy Reading for 2020/05/24

It’s rare, but I was able to collect most of these links more than 24 hours before you are reading them. Some views on having your system timezone set to UTC. The Era of Fragmentation, Part 3: The Statists.  Minitel! The Internet’s Many Branches. Roguelike Celebration is going to happen! (virtually)  Plus there’s a call …

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In Other BSDs for 2020/05/23

For once I started on these early in the week. Savaged by systemd, now available as an audiobook. OpenBSD in a laptop, part 1 and part 2.  (via, via) FreeBSD and Google Season of Docs. WireGuard on FreeBSD Quick Look: Testing VPN in Jail Network.  (via) Beautiful background pictures on OpenBSD. Communauté OpenBSD française. Valuable …

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BSD Now 351: Heaven: OpenBSD 6.7

BSD Now covers this week’s OpenBSD release, along with other topics.  I’ll point out the “FreeNAS Spare Parts Build” since everyone does that sooner or later.

Random Post: DMR posts dws.s from pdp-7 Unix to net.unix-wizards

December 8, 1984 Dennis Ritchie posted the following:

I happened to dredge up an old notebook and found a listing
of the PDP-7 version of dsw.  Because several people have approached
me recently about reviving a version of PDP-7 Unix as a sort of
paleontological exhibit, and because the subject has been discussed
here, I thought people might be interested

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libpcap, tcpdump updated

Thanks to Aaron LI and Daniel Fojt, libpcap and tcpdump in DragonFly have been updated.   The vendor does The Right Thing and provides easy-to-find changelogs for both.