Month: June 2020

8-year-jump for awk(1)

Thanks to Daniel Fojt, awk(1) has jumped from the 2012 version in DragonFly, to the 2020 version.  The commit message shows the highlights so you don’t have to read through the whole history.  Given that DragonFly’s awk is the One True awk, that eight years are only a small percentage of the overall history.

pf table size check and change

Did you know there’s a default size limit to pf’s routing table?  I did not, but it makes sense that there is one.  If for some reason you bump into this limit (difficult for home use, I’d think), here’s how you change it.

Lazy Reading for 2020/06/28

Minor computer history theme this week. Odeon theaters in LEGO. The guy who created the View-Master also was the first to figure out plastic trash cans. Home? ?Computer? ?Cultures? ?and? ?Society? ?Before? ?the? ?Internet? ?Age?.  (via) roguelike celebration 2020 is happening virtually. The Gigatron, a no-microprocessor retrocomputer.  Available as a solder-yourself kit. The Smithsonian’s Computer …

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Whither chroot?

Chroot OriginsThis blog post will examine original artifacts to clear up some confusion about where chroot(2) and chroot(8) came from. The answer turns out to be simple, and the confusion was understandable. This shows the benefits of groups like …

Adding a second disk with SIMH and 2.11BSD

Adding a Second Disk to a 2.11BSD system under SIMHI recently followed some instructions to get 2.11BSD running under SIMH. That topic is covered elsewhere adequately. I may write something up in the future.Before I started, my simh.init file looked li…

In Other BSDs for 2020/06/27

Overflow again, finally. BSD Resources, a list of BSD-based products.   Missed one.  (via) FreeBSD Day shifted.  (via) Throw-Away Browser on FreeBSD With “pot” Within 5 Minutes.  See also.  (also via) WireGuard Merged Into OpenBSD.  (via) Related: Trying out WireGuard’s kernel support in OpenBSD’s -current snapshots.  (via) Getting Started with NetBSD on the Pinebook Pro.  (via) …

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BSD Now 356: Dig In Deeper

The most recent BSD Now covers a number of different topics, some of which you may have already seen linked.  There’s some reader questions too, which I’m sure you have not seen.

Privsep for dhcpcd

I deliberately made the headline obscure for fun.  Anyway, the most recent bugfix release for dhcpcd, 9.1.2, happens to set capiscum/pledge-style privilege separation for the program – without requiring those technologies to be built into the sys…

Lazy Reading for 2020/06/21

It’s teeny models week.  I am reaching outside my normal topics this week, too. Typology of LEGO Computers.  (via) Last Pole, the remnant of an international network.  (via) Tactical Computer Terminal.  Probably super-heavy, too. Political Compasses in Odd Topologies.  No, they don’t make sense, but I love graphs.  (via) Old computers made of paper.  (via) …

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