Month: July 2020

libressl updated

In Daniel Fojt’s ongoing series of third-party software upgrades, he’s moved libreSSL in DragonFly up a major version, from 2.9.1 to 3.1.3.  This includes TLS 1.3, among other features.

When Unix learned to reboot(2).

History of Reboot(2)Recently, a friend asked me the history of halt, and when did we have to stop with the sync / sync / sync dance before running halt or reboot. The two are related, it turns out.That sync; sync; sync Thing…If you go looking around …

Lazy Reading for 2020/07/26

Accidental topic: old-school games. Assignment 45, A Harry Flynn Adventure (1981).  Interesting cause it’s a magazine article with the program source, something you don’t see much past the mid-80s. Advanced Vim Workflows.  (via) Historical Games.  (via) PunyInform, Inform 6 for 8-bit computers.  (also via) Specification Writer job at Infocom LLC.  “part of a clean room reverse …

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BSD Now 360: Full circle

This week’s BSD Now is making reference to the episode count, I think.  Of note this week: lots of how-to-do-this sorts of links.

Adding Networking to the 2.11BSD pl 195 system

Adding Networking to 2.11BSD pl 195So, now that I have an auto-installer, it would be nice, sometimes, to have networking. It also gives us a chance to push the envelop a little and learn about kernel builds. These instructions are for FreeBSD, alas, a…

ldns updated and a link

Thanks to Daniel Fojt, ldns in DragonFly is updated to 1.7.1.  This time, I do have a changelog link. It’s a minor update, but I have to point it out because my muscle memory still won’t let go of nslookup,

mysqldump: Error: ‘Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation’ when trying to dump tablespaces

See also Creating read-only PostgreSQL database users for pg_dump and pg_dumpall. I’m linking this because I use both articles on a regular basis. The error After a recent upgrade of MySQL server from 5.7.30 to 5.7.31, my database backups started encountered this error: mysqldump: Error: ‘Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS […]