Month: October 2020

libedit update in DragonFly

Daniel Fojt’s updated libedit in DragonFly; not huge, but I mention it cause I’ve seen the very first bug fixed in the commit listing; garbled history.

Lazy Reading for 2020/10/18

Some esoteric gems this week. Derek Muller’s video on Penrose Tilings.  One of those useful patterns to name, like Markov chains. B3 Biennale – Panel on computer game history of the Eastern Bloc. Something to think about: the longest-running computer ever built is also the farthest away. FTP Fadeout. SAILDART, an e-book.  Stanford Artificial Intelligence …

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In Other BSDs for 2020/10/17

This list of links runs in the same order of the BSD RSS feeds in my reader.  What a coincidence! pkgsrc-2020Q3 released. The FreeBSD Town Hall was Wednesday and I didn’t post about it in time, but previous Town Halls are available. Oldschool Gaming on FreeBSD. Valuable News – 2020/10/12. OpenBSD Laptop.  (via) Cryptographic Signing …

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BSD Now 372: Slow SSD scrubs

This week’s BSD Now has the usual roundup, with I think the highlight being a discussion of how SSDs can sometimes still not be fast enough for a ZFS scrub, depending on how it’s scheduled.

ChiBUG meeting, now

The ChiBUG monthly meeting has gone virtual, so go now if you are interested.  The thread about it also includes some notes on how to connect under BSD that may be useful beyond this immediate event.