Month: November 2020

BSD Now 378: Networknomicon

This week’s BSD Now is a special treat: an interview with author Michael W. Lucas, author of a bunch of BSD and non-BSD books.  If you’re looking for presents, he’s selling extra books originally intended for convention sales…

DragonFly BSD Digest 2020-11-25 01:16:43

Because of this commit that makes some changes to lib/stdio, you might get more reinstalls than you expect on your next pkg upgrade because of the __DragonFly_version change.  This only applies to -current (5.9) users.
(I might be wrong)

Lazy Reading for 2020/11/22

Literally most of the tabs I have open right now, in front of you. The Definitive Guide to the Doctor Who Theme Music.  (via, via) Sinister Sounds of the Solar System.  (also via) Well There’s Your Problem Podcast.  Actually stills and audio about engineering disasters.  (via) Woodpecker dubstep. Softbody Tetris, Fuzzy Edition. A Visual History …

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In Other BSDs for 202/11/21

Right outta RSS. Before the BSD Kernel starts: Part One on AMD64.  (via) hello: Let’s make a FreeBSD for “mere mortals”.  (via) Recommend me a small laptop/netbook for NetBSD? Why I use OpenBSD. FuguITA: OpenBSD live-cd. BSD statistics for October 2020.   Not a good place to post this; it’ll get lost.(via) How to Set Up …

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ifconfig as a warning signal

I’ve seen this multiple times over the years: if ifconfig suddenly stops working, especially after an upgrade. your kernel and world are out of sync.  Rebuild and make sure you get both updated.