Month: April 2021

snapshot ; ls ; destroy; dataset is busy – WTF?

I have found this bizarre situation where a FreeBSD 12.2 snapshot cannot be destroyed. This is the simple example, which works: [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs snapshot tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs destroy tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ This is the simple example, which fails: [dan@pkg01:~] $ sudo zfs snapshot tank_fast/poudriere@snapshot-for-backup [dan@pkg01:~] $ ls /usr/local/poudriere/.zfs/snapshot/snapshot-for-backup cache data jails […]

Lazy Reading for 2021/04/25

Maybe hardware hacks is the sub-theme this week. Bluetooth, based on this guy. Walkie-talkies that work over IP but without a network. Yay!  Web Curios is back! Percy Ludgate talk, upcoming. WiFiStation: A WiFi interface for the Cidco MailStation.  Reliably bonkers. Palm PDA nostalgia on its way! What I learned of the VOIP hacker scene …

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In Other BSDs for 2021/04/24

BUG meetings seem to be happening again, which is nice. FreeBSD iostat: Understanding the Storage Subsystem and Disk I/O.  (via) Port of the week: musickube.  Looks … usable?! Deleting old FreeBSD boot environments. No Complexity Allowed, on hello.  (via) FreeBSD/arm64 becoming Tier 1 in FreeBSD 13. Polyglot *BSD, next NYCBSD meeting, 2021/05/05.  I’ll post a …

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BSD Now 399: Comparing Sandboxes

This week’s BSD Now is more technical than usual, talking about a bunch of setup options. The title lead is an article about sandbox environments in different BSDs, though unfortunately vkernels are not covered.

6.0 release candidate 1 branched

The first RC for DragonFly 6.0 is branched.  I don’t expect a need for a second one; this release has been a long time baking (look at the commit list!)  and is pretty well refined.