Month: July 2021

Radeons and accelerated graphics

Apparently a commit that I can’t find (“e8de9e9“?) disabled acceleration for R5 240 Radeon cards, but causes an error for R7 models.  If you’ve got an R5 and you want accelerated video, try taking it out – assuming it&#821…

passwdqc added to DragonFly

If you think about the name, you’ll realize what it does: libpasswdqc(8) does quality checks on passwords via PAM, and now it’s in DragonFly.

NVMM for DragonFly HOWTO

The headline says almost everything, in this case.  There’s a HOWTO for DragonFly NVMM which should get most of what you want to do, and I’m sure it will be updated.

Lazy Reading for 2021/07/25

No mini-theme this week. This bizarre bit of merchandise is a visible sign: shirts are being autoproduced with robots and text recognition these days. Using Keybow to build custom keyboard functions. PiStorm – Keeping the Amiga alive.  An emulated hardware CPU.  I struggle to describe this; it’s blurring the line between hardware and software.  (via) …

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FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report – Second Quarter 2021

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This report covers FreeBSD related projects for the period between April and
June, and is the second of four planned reports for 2021.

Some of this reports highlights include but are not limited to work on an
experimental installer, changes to pf, additional work on the Linuxulator,
updates on the state

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How to mess up mail delivery

Here’s something I just learned: If you are running dma(8), /etc/dma.conf will contain MAILNAME.   If your email server is somewhere else, but you set MAILNAME as your domain – dma will deliver locally. I had /etc/dma.conf set with MAILNAME – so dma kept delivering overnight periodic results to root, which was aliased to …

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Minor boot code move

boot and libstand directories are moved to src/stand/boot on DragonFly.  This won’t affect most people, as you’ll upgrade and build the same way as always, but if you were specifically looking for it in the old locations of sys/boot and lib…