Where to find dports build results

Synth logs for dports are now located here on a new machine:
If there’s only a short list, it’s because the most recent build was probably focused on retrying a broken-but-now-possibly-fixe…

Completing shutdown

If you’ve ever been left watching a “press any key…” line at shutdown of your DragonFly system, there’s now a fix.  It’s committed to release, too, so it’s available now.
While you’re at it, there’s…

BSD Now 326: Certified BSD

This Turkey Day (for U.S. readers) episode of BSD Now  talks about the perennial idea of BSD admin certification, along with the usual roundup of recent news.

Radeon improvements

Francois Tigeot has made a number of updates to the ttm and radeon code, bringing it line with the Linux 4.9 kernel version.  If you have a radeon(4)-using video card, you may find this useful.
Also, evergreeen and radeonsi chipset users have accelerat…