NYCBUG meeting, tomorrow

It’s online, so everyone can go to “Chatting About TLS and Orcs, by Michael W. Lucas“, tomorrow night.  I’m putting this reminder the day before because you have to mail to get the Zoom invite.

A bunch of updates for DragonFly

I’m doing a catch-up post here to note all the smaller updates, some cross-BSD, that have gone into DragonFly in the last week or two: openresolv 3.12.0, dhcpcd 9.4.0, tzdata2020f, 802.11 channel definitions, stdbuf(1) and libstdbuf(3), sockaddr_…

Lazy Reading for 2021/01/03

End of year reviews are showing up; probably more next week. Core Dump Central.  Versions of rogue, plus online! Unboxing the best gift of 1983: the Commodore SX-64. Cabinet Magazine finally has an RSS feed. Digitizing 14,000 woodblocks, a webinar.  (via) And here’s the woodblocks, free to download. Fictional videogame stills.  (also via) Managing my …

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A little commit hook change

You can’t tell directly from the commit message, but committing to DragonFly may trigger a reminder to MFC, based on commit message content.  This is thanks to Aaron LI.  It’s little, but this sort of automation is a good idea.

BSD Now 383: Scale the tail

This week’s BSD Now has a bunch of “project status report” items – normal reports, not end of year roundups, despite the date.  Good reading if you aren’t familiar with the work involved, in any case.

New user and group updater

Aaron LI’s added a script to DragonFly, for use in automating group and user changes, especially as – someday – part of a binary upgrade.

AD3M-A and DragonFly

So, if you find yourself in possession of an ADM-3A terminal, and want to attach it to a DragonFly machine, here is the /etc/ttys config (viewed on the ADM-3A itself of course) and the front switch settings that worked for me. Remember, ^h deletes.

Mirrors update

Thanks to liweitianux, the mirrors page on the DragonFly site has been updated.  Check again to see if there’s a mirror near you, if you haven’t looked recently.

Multi-volume support in HAMMER2

If you remember HAMMER1’s ability to create a volume that spanned multiple local disks, that capability’s been introduced to HAMMER2.  Look at the commit message to see how it works so far.
Note that this is not multi-master replication.

BSD Now 382: Q&A 2020

There’s an Q&A session for this week’s BSD Now.  I haven’t looked carefully enough to see if this is the last for the year, but there’s some fun what-are-you-running-at-home material in there.

In Other BSDs for 2020/12/19

Working on less traditional BSD links here. Toward an automated tracking of OpenBSD ports contributions. Commentary on the MacOS -> FreeBSD article from last week. BSD Unix Hardware Support Database.  (via) BSD Discord server.  More linked in comments. Become shell literate.  Wonderfully not Linux/bash-specific. There’s always more history.  Early BSD work, indirectly. CentOS killed by …

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