Need more BUGs

I’m on mailing lists for KnoxBUG, SEMIBUG, and NYCBUG, so I know to post about upcoming events.  I know there are more out there – can any members point me at the appropriate announcement mailing lists?

BSD Now 291: Storage Changes Software

BSD Now 291 is up.  The show notes lead with an involved BSD-in-production story that I just realized affected me; some simple hosting I take care of for a non-profit was involved in the move they describe.

No more gcc50

GCC 5.0 is no longer needed in DragonFly, so it’s not being built, and can be removed on your next ‘make upgrade’.  As a bonus, buildworld is a little faster.

Where’d I boot from?

On DragonFly, booting from a USB stick means your boot volume is usually /dev/da8.  That’s a rather arbitrary distinction.  As a bonus from the recent part-by-label device change, you can now find the boot disk in /dev/part-by-label/, named by th…

DragonFly Aarch64 bounty

There’s a bounty entry for Aarch64 support for DragonFly, on the bounties page.  This is a difficult goal, but I think worth it.  Add to it if you agree.

Lazy Reading for 2019/03/17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Build your own spellbook. Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam … with graphics.  (via) Freeciv-Web.  The newest web version of this game.  (via) Big Idea Famine.  (via) The beginning of Public-key cryptography: 1874.  (via) Supply Chain Security Talk.  Open source doesn’t make your hardware known. In most cases, the $100 chip …

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