Support for 2TB of memory added

Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) just committed support for 2TB of physical memory on the amd64 platform:

CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    src
Changes by: 2019/01/20 23:18:37

Modified files:
        sys/arch/amd64/amd64: machdep.c pmap.c 
        sys/arch/amd64/include: pmap.h 

Log message:
Support 2TB phys mem

This change expands the direct map to 4 slots (512GB each), to support
machines with up to 2TB physical memory. 

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Lazy Reading for 2019/01/20

One advantage of having a link ‘backlog’ is that I can pick and choose a bit, to present grouped items. LiteCLI: A user-friendly command line client for SQLite. (via) A holiday gift woodworking project using Clojure. (via) 2019 IGF nominees: something notable. 2019 IGF nominees: mixed reactions. 2019 IGF nominees: my favorites. Privacy Engineer job …

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The first report on LLD porting

Prepared by Michał Górny (mgorny AT

LLD is the link editor (linker) component of Clang toolchain. Its main
advantage over GNU ld is much lower memory footprint, and linking speed.
It is of specific interest to me since currently 8 GiB of memory are
insufficient to link LLVM statically (which is the upstream default).

The first goal of LLD

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BSD Now 281: EPYC Server Battle

This week’s BSD Now discusses scp vulnerabilities, GhostBSD, and the recent EPYC hardware benchmarks that I have not linked because I don’t think they are useful information.

SEMIBUG meeting tonight

The normal meeting space isn’t available this month or next, so tonight’s meeting is an informal get-together at 7 PM at Leo’s Coney Island. I assume if you are near, you know Leo’s. Go if that’s you.

Power notes, booting notes

Two links I yoinked from conversation in EFNet #dragonflybsd: there’s a “powersave” power management page on that for some reason wasn’t linked in the main documentation page. I fixed that, and you may want to look at it and change your mwait settings, or look at the corepower(4) module. (From ivadasz’s comments; thanks!) There’s …

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BSD Now: FOSS Clothing

This week’s BSD Now talks about merchandise! No, it’s really starting with a license discussion. A merchandise-finding episode would be a good idea, though.