In Other BSDs for 2019/09/14

Still a backlog, no matter how much I link. HAMBSD.  (via) vBSDCon 2019 trip report from iXSystems. Sponsorships open for SNMP Mastery.  A summary post, too. Agenda for the next SEMIBUG meeting on the 17th. Using FreeBSD with Ports (2/2): Tool-assisted updating. Cool, but obscure X11 tools.  More suggestions in the source link. soso: A …

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Keep rebuilding

ABI breakage continues, so continue the full buildworld/buildkernel cycle, if you are on DragonFly-current, and continue to ignore it, if you are on 5.6.

openresolv now in DragonFly

Roy Marples has imported openresolv 3.9.2 to DragonFly.  This is a replacement for the old-style /etc/resolv.conf file.  The more complicated your network, the more you will appreciate this tool.

msdosfs updates

Tohiro Kusumi has been bringing in a whole lot of MSDOS filesystem updates; I can’t tell you the net effect but.I am sure they are useful if you are looking to share disk media; FAT is a sort of lowest common denominator.

route updates in DragonFly

Roy Marples has been making a bunch of changes to route(8) in DragonFly.  It doesn’t change functionality, but it will, I think, make it more reliable in unreliable networks.

In Other BSDs for 2019/09/07

I have an RSS backlog now. ChiBUG meets this Tuesday. FreeBSD core team appoints a WG to explore transitioning from Subversion to Git.   Part of the recent status report.  (via) Related: Game of Trees. OpenBSD on fan-less Tuxedo InfinityBook 14″ v2.  (via) How to configure a network dump in FreeBSD? 6.6-beta has been tagged. Package …

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BSD Now 314: Swap that Space

This week’s BSD Now is up, discussing a bunch of informational topics – including what’s happening with dsynth, how virtual memory works, streaming on NetBSD, and other links.

NYCBUG meeting, streaming

I don’t know if it’s going to be streamed, but if tonight’s NYCBUG meeting and presentation is streamed, it’ll be visible here.  (Preposting so I don’t miss it.)

New dhcpcd for DragonFly

Roy Marples has brought in version 8.0.4 of dhcpcd(8); it’s definitely up to date since he’s the author.  It does DHCP, DHCPv6, and IPv4LL/ZeroConf, the last of which I’ve only seen on Apple machines before.  Someone want to try Netwo…