SemiBUG meeting, tonight

SemiBUG is having the monthly meeting tonight.  The presenter is Nick Holland, talking about SPECTRE mitigations in OpenBSD, and similar mechanisms.  If you are near, go.

Virtual DragonFly: memory balloon

If you are running DragonFly in a virtual environment, ‘ddegroot’ has put together a virtio_balloon driver for handling memory usage.  (An explanation of the term)  Try it if you can; he wants testers.

MeetBSD happening soon

Here’s your reminder: MeetBSD is happening October 19-20 in Santa Clara, CA.  That’s the end of this week.  Go, if you are near.

Lazy Reading for 2018/10/14

A good, oddball week. Happy #CIDRDay! Exploring OmniOS in a VM. Endless amounts of Commodore 64 games, in-browser.  (via many places) Dangit, I missed posting about the Roguelike Celebration.  (via) Software Heritage, archiving code.  (thanks, Siju) Classic computers in Lego.  Cuter than I thought possible.  (via) Spleen – Monospaced bitmap fonts.  A teeny terminal font, …

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Michael W. Lucas talks at mug

Michael W. Lucas is giving a talk at tonight; he may have physical copies of his new Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd edition available.  Go, if you are near.  Pro tip: If you are late but still want to catch up to Michael, look for the nearest gelato shop.


Matthew Dillon recently fixed a TRIM bug, where a TRIM command was being issued unconditionally, regardless of the mount flag, and duplicating the action if it was set normally.  It’s fixed now.  This would only have any significant slowdown on UFS, which means it would only affect installworld – the rest of your mounted volumes …

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In Other BSDs for 2018/10/06

Still catching up on links. garbage 43.  The RSS feed may have changed?  I should have seen this directly.  (via) EuroBSDCon 2018 and NetBSD sanitizers.  (via) EuroBSDCon 2018 travel report and obligatory pics.  (via) NetBSD curses ripoffline improvements.  (via) Installing Hugo and publishing Hugo web-pages on OpenBSD server.  (via) NetBSD8.0 on UEFI Bootloader and Windows …

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virtio_random in DragonFly

Something I didn’t know existed but makes sense now that I do: a virtualized randomness device, added to DragonFly.  Entropy is usually provided through hardware, so of course you’d need something for it in a VM.

NYCBUG tonight

6:30 tonight: NYCBUG’s monthly meeting, with the topic of Subdo.  I don’t know what that is, but we all can find out: tonight’s meeting will be streamed.